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Nov-Dec 5 Weeks Intensive Crash Course - S3 Physics, Chemistry, E Maths and Biology

For S3 Physics, Chemistry, E Maths and Biology Students

Got back your results and think you can do better? Don't let those recent exam scores define your academic journey. Use the Nov-Dec school holidays to achieve academic excellence.

This special 5-week crash course will help you reinforce your understanding of key topics in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and E Maths. The courses are meticulously designed to fit into the November-December school holidays, ensuring you make the best use of your time to catch up on areas you need to work on.

The strategy - Study the entire Sec 3 Syllabus in 5 weeks and test your understanding with our mock exams modeled after top school papers

Course Structure

  • Period: 5 weeks

  • Lesson Duration: 4 hours per week

  • Schedule: Weekly, November-December school holidays

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List of topics covered in the crash course

Physics Unveiled

Topics & Schedule:

  • 13th Nov 12-4pm (Concept Recap)

    • Kinematics

    • Dynamics

    • Turning Effects

    • Work Energy Power

  • 20th Nov 12-4pm (Worksheets)

  • 27th Nov 12-4pm (Concept Recap)

    • Pressure

    • Kinetic Model

    • Thermal Process

    • Thermal Properties

  • 4th Dec 12-4pm (Worksheets)

  • 11th Dec 12-4pm (Mock End Year Exam with results analysis and feedback)

Chemistry Essentials

Topics & Schedule:

  • 15th Nov 2-6pm (Concept Recap)

    • Separation techniques

    • Particulate Model

    • Chemical Bonding and Structure

    • Chemical Formula

  • 22nd Nov 2-6pm (Worksheets)

  • 29th Nov 2-6pm (Concept Recap)

    • Moles and Stoichiometry

    • Acid-Base

    • Qualitative Analysis

    • Redox

  • 6th Dec 2-6pm (Worksheets)

  • 13th Dec 2-6pm (Mock End Year Exam with results analysis and feedback)

Journey Into Biology

Topics & Schedule:

  • 18th Nov 12-4pm (Concept Recap)

    • Cell Structure and Organisation

    • Movement of Substances

    • Biological Molecules

    • Nutrition in Humans

  • 25th Nov 12-4pm (Worksheets)

  • 2nd Nov 12-4pm (Concept Recap)

    • Transport in Humans

    • Respiration in Humans

    • Excretion in Humans

    • Homeostasis, Co-ordination and Response in Humans

  • 9th Dec 12-4pm (Concept Recap)

  • 16th Dec 12-4pm (Mock End Year Exam with results analysis and feedback)

E Maths Mastery

Topics & Schedule:

  • 19th Nov 10am-2pm (Concept Recap)

    • Indices

    • Algebraic Manipulations (expansions and factorisation)

    • Equations and Inequalities

  • 26th Nov 10am-2pm (Worksheets)

  • 3rd Dec 10am-2pm (Concept Recap)

    • Graph Sketching (Linear and Quadratic

    • Geometry

    • Trigonometry and applications

    • Set Language and Notation

  • 10th Dec 10am-2pm (Worksheets)

  • 17th Dec 10am-2pm (Mock End Year Exam with results analysis and feedback)

crash course schedules

Don't allow past results to dictate your future success. Join us in this comprehensive 5-week journey to better grades and higher self-confidence. Take the chance to turn things around and face the O Level next year with the preparation you need.

Whatsapp us to register today!

crash course FAQs

Why Should You Enroll?

  1. Expert Tutors: Our instructors are well-versed in the O Level syllabus, ensuring that you're guided by the best.

  2. Focused Syllabus: The curriculum is specifically designed to cover the most crucial areas in each subject, enabling you to maximize your score.

  3. Mock Examinations: End-of-course mock tests help you gain confidence and improve your examination technique.

  4. Individual Feedback: Detailed analysis of post-mock examination provide you with targeted areas for improvement, ensuring you're exam-ready.

Is this for N level students?

Can I sign up for specific dates?

What if I sign up and am sick on the day of the lesson so I couldn't make it to class?

What is the pricing like?

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