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Biology Tuition 

Polytechnic Biology Tuition is exclusive for students who are in their PFP (poly foundation program) or 1st year of Polytechnic and pursuing biomedical sciences diplomas.


If you are a student from:

1. Nanyang Poly

2. Singapore Poly

3. Ngee Ann poly

and others.

and you are determined to fast-track your expertise in high-demand modules like:

   Anatomy & Physiology
   Cell Culture
   Recombinant DNA Technology

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✅ Gain a competitive edge
✅ Master complex topics effortlessly
✅ Learn from industry experts

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With our comprehensive curriculum and experienced tutors, we are confident that we can unlock your full potential and pave the way for your success! At our tuition center, we offer a wide range of subjects that cover the essential foundations of biology. From anatomy & physiology and microbiology to biotechnology and genetics, we ensure that you receive a well-rounded education. Our specialized courses also include cell culture, biochemistry, recombinant DNA technology, and immunology, providing students with a holistic understanding of the subject matter.



We understand that students often struggle in these subjects due to the overwhelming amount of information they need to digest. Many find it challenging to decipher complex notes, which hinders their ability to apply their knowledge effectively during exams. However, our dedicated team of tutors is here to turn this situation around! Our tutors possess extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of these various subjects. But what sets them apart is their real-life industry experience in the life science field. This invaluable expertise allows them to provide practical and contextual examples that enhance your learning experience. They excel at breaking down complex topics into easily understandable language, ensuring that all students can digest the content effortlessly.

Consultation on Lab Skills and Presentations

Apart from the usual examinations, what separates Polytechnic grading rubrics are the heavy weightage towards demonstrating proficiency with Biological Laboratory techniques & the ability to rationalize & explain research articles. Therefore, students will have to deal with writing lab reports & preparing presentations.


We understand the importance & difficulty of such  projects and that's why our tutors are also available for consultations. With their guidance, students can take their projects to the next level, impressing both teachers and peers. It's worth noting that our tutors have significant experience coaching polytechnic students. Their expertise extends beyond the classroom, and they are well-equipped to provide effective guidance and support tailored to different educational levels. 

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