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O Level
E MATHS Tuition in Singapore

E Maths is a crucial subject that is taught to students in their early years of education. It lays the foundation for advanced mathematics, which students will study in their later years. The O level E Maths syllabus is designed to cover various mathematical topics, such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and statistics.

Unlock the potential of O Level students in Singapore with our specialised O Level E Maths Tuition. Tailored to the needs of individual students, our experienced tutors provide personalised guidance and support to enhance their understanding of mathematical concepts and refine their problem-solving abilities. Through interactive learning experiences and targeted instruction, we empower students to excel in the O Level E Maths examination.


Expert Maths Tuition for O Level Students


Excellent Results in O Level Maths

Experience outstanding results in O Level Maths with our expert tuition programme. Many of our students in Singapore have achieved exceptional grades, thanks to our personalised approach and dedicated tutors.

Huge Pool of Resources

We provide a vast pool of resources, including personalised lesson plans and customised worksheets, to support each student's learning journey. Our tutors have extensive familiarity with the O Level Maths syllabus, ensuring comprehensive coverage of key concepts and examination requirements.

Knowledge of the O Level Maths Syllabus

Our tutors are highly knowledgeable about the O Level Maths syllabus, possessing a deep understanding of key concepts and examination requirements. They have extensive expertise in guiding students through the syllabus, ensuring comprehensive coverage of all necessary topics and thorough preparation for the O Level Maths examination.

Flexible O Level Maths Tuition Classes

Choose between small group lessons or individual tuition to suit your preferences and learning style. In small groups, students benefit from collaborative learning, while individual tuition offers personalised attention for targeted instruction.

Interactive and Engaging Teaching Style

Our teaching style is engaging and interactive, employing various methods such as visual aids and problem-solving exercises to enhance understanding and application of O Level E Maths concepts. Our tutors emphasise conceptual understanding, critical thinking, and independent problem-solving skills.

Price & Schedule

At Aspire Thinking, we offer competitive and affordable pricing for our tuition for O Level Maths students. We believe in providing high-quality education at a reasonable cost. We also provide flexible class schedules to accommodate the needs of our students. Our classes are available on weekdays and weekends, ensuring that students can find a suitable time slot that fits their schedule. For more information related to tuition fees and class schedules, fill out the form on our website or WhatsApp us directly at +65 8749 8157.

Extensive Coverage of O Level E Maths Syllabus 

Our O Level E Math tuition offers complete coverage of the key topics and concepts required for success in the subject. We ensure that students have a solid understanding of the following:

Key Topics and Concepts

We cover all the essential topics and concepts outlined in the O Level E Maths syllabus, including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, and more. Students gain a strong foundation in these areas to tackle a wide range of mathematical problems.

Improving Problem-Solving Skills

Our experienced tutors focus on enhancing students' problem-solving skills, providing them with strategies and techniques to approach and solve complex O Level Maths problems. We guide students in breaking down problems, identifying relevant information, and applying appropriate problem-solving methods.

Real-World Application and Case Studies

We cover all the essential topics and concepts outlined in the O Level E Maths syllabus, including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, and more. Students gain a strong foundation in these areas to tackle a wide range of mathematical problems.

Exam Techniques

Our tutors equip students with effective exam techniques and strategies to maximise their performance in O Level E Maths examinations. We provide guidance on time management, question analysis, and effective presentation of solutions in our tuition, enabling students to tackle exam questions with confidence and accuracy.

Common Challenges to learning O Level E Maths

Here are some common challenges to learning O Level E Maths that students can overcome in our tuition classes:

  1. In lower secondary, students were required to work on their algebraic manipulation such an expansion and factorisation. A weak foundation in this would lead to issues learning O Levels E Maths topics such as indices, quadratic equations and graphical solutions. Our tutors understand the challenges students may face due to a weak foundation in algebraic manipulation during lower secondary education.

  2. Geometry is an important topic to master for O Level E Maths as it is often used in trigonometry, properties of circles and construction of geometrical figures and similar triangles. As geometry requires a degree of visualisation, students may experience issues trying to solve problems. Our tutors help students overcome the challenges of mastering geometry in O Level E Maths. They provide effective strategies and guidance to enhance students' visualisation skills and problem-solving abilities.

  3. Statistics is a late topic that most students would learn in Sec 4. It involves concepts such as cumulative frequency, standard deviation and mean. The common challenge to this is relating statistical figures to practical situations. For example, what does it mean to have a group's standard deviation higher than the other group? What does standard deviation mean in real-life situations? These are the 2 marks questions usually found at the end, which usually got students stumped. Our tutors help students with statistics in O Level E Maths. They guide students in relating statistical figures to practical situations, providing clear explanations of concepts such as cumulative frequency, standard deviation, and mean.

How can O Level E Maths Tuition help you?


At Aspire Thinking, O Levels E Maths Tuition is personalised to the students' needs. This means that we identify your key areas of weakness and work on what you need help with. For example, we may be teaching geometry and if you have visualisation issues, we would use props such as rulers and strings or computer animation to enable you to understand the problems better.

Our worksheets are tailored to your level of understanding - this means that our questions are designed to stretch your thinking a little out of your comfort zone such that you improve, but not too much such that you will feel discouraged solving the question.

We will help you work towards your goals - tell us when is your next O Level E Maths exam and your target grades and our tutors will work with you to achieve it!

If you/your child is looking to

  1. build solid foundations in O Level E Math

  2. learn how to best target national exam questions

  3. receive personalised feedback and guidance

  4. meet tutors with the passion to teach, who wants what's best for you and are more than willing to mentor you


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Our O Level Math Tutors


Mr Terence, our O Level Physics and Chemistry tutor, also has a strong background in teaching O Level E Maths. With his expertise in multiple subjects, Mr Terence brings a well-rounded approach to teaching O Level E Maths. His track record includes helping students achieve significant improvements in their E Maths grades. Mr Terence's strength is to simplify complex Mathematics concepts and make them accessible to students.


Mr Huzaifi, another O Level Physics and Chemistry specialist, is also a highly skilled O Level E Math tutor. He has a strong educational background and with years of experience in the industry, Mr Huzaifi has a proven track record of helping students excel in their O Level E Maths examinations. He uses his innovative approaches to teach difficult Mathematical concepts to students and ability to engage and motivate them.

About Aspire Thinking

At Aspire Thinking, we take pride in our distinguished reputation as an education centre with remarkable credentials and accreditations. Our team comprises highly qualified professionals who possess extensive expertise in their respective subjects and hold relevant educational backgrounds. 

With an unwavering focus on academic excellence, we have been providing top-quality tuition services to students for several years, which includes O Level E Maths tuition, O Level Physics tuitionO Level Chemistry tuition, and other subjects. Our commitment to delivering exceptional education has been instrumental in helping students achieve their academic goals. We have garnered a reputation for delivering effective and personalised guidance, tailored to the unique needs of each student, resulting in their remarkable success.

At Aspire Thinking, we firmly believe in the significance of comprehensive and holistic education. Our mission is to empower students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success, not only in exams but also in their future endeavours. Through our dedication to excellence and a relentless pursuit of improvement, we aspire to establish ourselves as a trusted and leading education centre in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions About O Level E Maths Tuition

  • What is the average improvement in grades for students who have received Physics tuition?
    Students who have enrolled in our Physics tuition programmes have shown a significant improvement in their grades. On average, our students achieved an impressive 82% in their end-of-year grades, which is a testament to the effectiveness of our curriculum and the dedication of our experienced tutors in helping students grasp challenging physics concepts and excel in their examinations.
  • What teaching resources and materials are used to support Physics tuition classes?
    At our Physics tuition centre, we use different learning resources and materials that supplement our approach to teaching, including worksheets, reference materials, handouts, and questionnaires. Our resources and materials are designed to reinforce understanding, provide additional practice, and cater to different learning styles, ensuring that students have access to diverse materials that enhance their learning experience.
  • How do the Physics tutors provide personalised attention and tailored feedback to each student?
    In our Physics tuition, our tutors understand the importance of personalised attention and tailored feedback in fostering student progress. During classes, they actively engage with students, addressing their individual questions and concerns. They offer explanations in a clear and concise manner and tailor their teaching methods to suit each student's learning style. Additionally, tutors assess students' understanding through regular practice tests, allowing them to provide timely and specific feedback.
  • Do the Physics tutors have experience working with students struggling with Physics?
    Yes, our Physics tutors have ample experience in working with students that are struggling with Physics. They are familiar with the common challenges students face when grappling with complex Physics concepts. As such, our tutors employ various teaching strategies and methods to cater to the individual needs of struggling students, including breaking down difficult concepts into manageable parts, providing real-life examples and analogies, and offering extra practice opportunities. They create a supportive and encouraging environment that allows struggling students to ask questions, seek clarification, and progress at their own pace. With their expertise and experience, tutors at our tuition centre are equipped to guide struggling students on their path to Physics proficiency.
  • How does the tuition centre create a supportive and nurturing learning environment for Physics tuition classes?
    At our tuition centre, we prioritise creating a supportive and nurturing learning environment for our students. We foster a positive classroom atmosphere where they feel comfortable asking questions, sharing their thoughts, and seeking help. Our tutors establish rapport with students, building strong relationships based on trust and respect. They create an inclusive and non-judgmental space where students can express themselves freely and engage in collaborative learning. Our tutors also promote a growth mindset, encouraging students to embrace challenges, learn from mistakes, and persist in their academic journey. By cultivating this supportive environment, we ensure that students feel motivated, supported, and empowered to reach their full potential in Physics.
  • How do the tutors update parents on the progress of students taking Physics tuition?
    We understand that parents want to know how their child is progressing in their academics. That’s why our tutors can communicate with parents to provide updates on their child's performance and progress should parents require regular reports. An online learning management system “Google Classroom” is used to monitor progress of lessons, feedback from tutors and students as well as to keep track of attendance. Tutors discuss students' strengths, areas for improvement, and strategies for continued growth. They also address any concerns or questions parents may have, ensuring that there is an open line of communication between the tutors, parents, and students. By keeping parents involved and informed, we strive to create a collaborative and supportive partnership in nurturing students' academic success.
  • How do the Physics tutors simplify complex Physics equations and formulas for students?’
    At our tuition centre, tutors employ various techniques to simplify complex Physics equations and formulas for students. They break down complex concepts into smaller, more understandable parts, ensuring that students grasp the fundamental principles before moving on to more advanced topics. Furthermore, tutors can apply topics to real-life examples and practical applications to illustrate the relevance and significance of the equations and formulas. They use visual aids, diagrams, and analogies to enhance comprehension and make abstract concepts more tangible.
  • What are some common difficulties that students face when learning Physics?
    Students often encounter common difficulties when learning Physics. One challenge is grasping abstract concepts, as Physics involves understanding theoretical principles that may be difficult to visualise. Another difficulty lies in applying these concepts to real-life situations, as students may struggle to connect theory with practical scenarios. However, when you enrol in our Physics tuition centre, we can address these difficulties by providing support, personalised attention, and effective teaching strategies tailored to each student’s needs.
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