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Graduating with honors with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Mr Huz has a rich and extensive understanding of the world of physics, where one can be confident in achieving stellar physics grades under his tutelage. Coupled with his 10 years of tutoring experience having started tutoring in 2014, Mr Huz can confidently advise students on how to study physics the smart way, simplify complicated physics concepts as well as spot common trends in examination questions.

He was also a camp facilitator which gave him opportunities to teach young children life skills as well as lead them in activities. Being the floorball enthusiast that he is, Mr Huz was a part-time assistant coach for a few teams, including the team from Temasek Hall in National University of Singapore (NUS). These valuable experiences that Mr Huz possess have enabled him to develop the soft skills needed to be an effective tutor, skills such as the ability to manage a class of younger children with shorter attention spans and building rapport with his students to make lessons more interactive and enjoyable.

Why did you decide to start tutoring and what do you hope to achieve out of it?

"Back then, it was finding something interesting to do while waiting for National Service. Right now, I tutor as I enjoy giving guidance to students, helping them learn from my mistakes and giving them tips on how to study smarter. I rather my students learn from my mistakes than have them learn from making those same mistakes. As a tutor, I also hope to help students achieve the best that they can achieve. Even though it is unlikely that every student of mine will score an A, but guiding them to realise their full potential and pushing them to give their best is what I hope to achieve as a tutor."

As a tutor, what do you aspire to help your students achieve other than stellar academic grades?


"I hope that my students can find their purpose behind studying so hard for examinations and discover what they want to achieve beyond their grades. To me, academic grades are a means to an end. For myself, I was motivated to study hard for A Levels to play floorball in NUS. I hope to be that guide for students and provide them with my personal experiences and advice to help them navigate life beyond school."

Why did you choose to tutor at aspire thinking?

"I wanted to teach at a tuition centre to gain experience in teaching a larger group of students instead of giving 1-1 private tuition only. One thing I love about tutoring at aspire thinking is that Terence takes the effort to mentor me and his other tutors and actively shares with us about his experiences and his mistakes. He is someone the tutors at Aspire Thinking can learn from and a pillar of support for us.

Any final words of advice/encouragement you have to students reading this?


"Find your source of motivation instead of blindly studying and merely eyeing good grades, because it will push you to study hard and achieve what you want."

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From U TO A2


Student M was a private student and we were his only source of help. He came in shortly after his prelims and were with us for only 2 months plus

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