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Mr. Terence joined the education industry because he believes that learning is important not just in school but also in life. He envisions a future where students apply the same set of thinking and analytic skills imparted during his tutelage when they enter the corporate world, making them great leaders and influencers. Having graduated from NUS in 2008 (Mechanical Engineering, Honors), Mr. Terence worked as an engineer in the Automotive and Oil & Gas industry. He is well-acquainted with much of the engineering applications and often uses them as examples to explain theories and concepts in class.



Over the years, Mr. Terence recognized the common pitfalls that many students faced and addressed each of them patiently. Every student is different and learns in a different way, so he takes the time to assess the student and determine the best possible way to impart knowledge. He has worked with students from schools such as SJI, Raffles, Kuo Chuan, Nan Hua, Catholic High, ACS, Gan Eng Seng and many more. Thus, he is familiar with their lessons and standards.



Scoring well for exams requires not only a deep understanding of the subject but a strong state of mind. Thus, Mr. Terence provides cognitive coaching so that his students will have lesser exam anxiety and more confidence. ​In 2020, Mr. Terence completed his ICF-Certified training to become a certified life coach. He is currently coaching students in goal-setting, emotional management and academic excellence. He considers himself an All-Star who believes students can succeed in all areas of life with proper planning and awareness. To date, he has completed more than 100 hours of coaching.

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