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Majoring in Bachelors of Biological Sciences from NTU, Mr Kenneth has a rich and extensive understanding in both Biotechnology & Biomedical domains. Having started tutoring in 2018 coupled with experience in both his job experiences at BIOTEC Thailand and Nestle, he is able to provide unique insights and more context on the various topics taught.


Mr Kenneth can confidently advise students on how to study biology the smart way, simplify complicated concepts using customised notes as well as spot common trends in examination questions.

Aside from academic activities, he was also group Leader for his school's freshmen orientation camps to assimilate freshmen into university life. a head programmer in a youth led project to improve the lives of seniors at old folks homes, and volunteered in multiple school led initiatives to give tuition to less fortunate students and pre-school children.

Why did you decide to start tutoring and what do you hope to achieve out of it?

"I enjoyed teaching my classmates biology throughout my teritary years. Furthermore, tutoring allowed me to share with my students that biology is more than just a boring memorization subject & instead one that allows us to appreciate the beauty & intricacies of the world around us. What I hope to achieve is to help my students realize that biology is a very vast and interesting subject that have far reaching implications in today's society. I hope to be able to impart knowledge of various advancements in this field over the years that we take for granted in our daily lives & gain a better appreciation for it."

As a tutor, what do you aspire to help your students achieve other than stellar academic grades?


"I aim to inculcate in them to always ask questions & stay curious. Furthermore, I aspire my students to develop critical thinking skills & apply them in their daily lives."

Why did you choose to tutor at aspire thinking?

"Over here, I enjoy the mini focused classroom concept as I can better focus my attention on my students. Furthermore, being given the freedom to develop my own curriculum allows me to customize my content to better fit the needs of my students."

Any final words of advice/encouragement you have to students reading this?


"Never limit yourself & embrace the wonders of the world."



"Mr Kenneth is a very good and efficient teacher. he is able to explain problems in a way that students can understand and improve from. after joining his lessons for around a month, I've improved from barely passing to getting an  a1 for a timed o-level paper in class!"


- Joash, Sec 4 Student

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