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Bryan (Hwa Chong Institution) - A for H2 Physics 

Mr Terence boasts several admirable traits that deem him an excellent and reliable tutor. He is resourceful and never fails to spoil his students with an abundance of notes and practice papers. Additionally, the small class size ensures that more attention is directed toward each individual, as observed from how Mr Terence’s teaching style is effectively tailored to the needs of his students. As a dedicated educator, Mr Terence is very approachable and contactable, evident from his detailed responses to my queries not only during lessons, but also on Whatsapp. He is determined to resolve his students’ doubts and goes out of his way to simplify sophisticated concepts and provide helpful examples. Under Mr Terence’s tutelage, my Physics grades improved from F9 in Secondary 3 to A in ‘A’ levels for H2 Physics while my interest in the subject has grown substantially. Hence I can affirm with full confidence that Mr Terence can be relied upon to salvage your grades and propel you to greater heights.

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Isaac (Dunman High School) - B for H2 Physics

Having been with Aspire Thinking for physics tuition for 4 years – from Secondary 3 to JC 2, my experience has not only been a pleasant one, but one filled with joy, a sense of achievement and growth. With the guidance from Teacher Terence, my grade for physics jumped from a mere C or D to an A within the first year and I was able to consistently score an A or B+ even in Secondary 4 which has a tougher and larger syllabus in comparison to Secondary 3. Beyond academics, I can confidently say that Teacher Terence has not only been a teacher, but also a mentor and someone who educates beyond the syllabus. During lessons, Teacher Terence always manages to educate us on the real life applications of the physics concepts that we learn, showing us interesting videos to help us find more meaning in learning the concepts that the syllabus requires us to. This kept me from finding physics a bore and just another subject I have to do well in so as to secure better grades, which I believe was crucial not only to help me do well in physics, but it inspired me to see the world differently and find ways to apply my knowledge in the real world.

Academics aside, Teacher Terence was a mentor to me, someone I could confide in outside of class regarding personal matters. I would often reach out to him to talk about topics such as careers I could explore post-graduation, finance and sports. These discussions always ended with me learning much, which makes me extremely grateful to have Teacher Terence as my tutor. Having had such a capable tutor who goes above and beyond for the welfare of his students was my privilege.

I struggled grasping many physics concepts in school as I was not able to pick up what was being taught in class as well as the lesson materials provided by my school. Coupled with the inability to stay focused and study diligently for extended periods of time, I was falling behind not only in physics, but other subjects as well. Teacher Terence was able to clearly explain all the physics concepts I needed to know and break them down into simpler pieces of information for me to better understand them. He also provided a vast amount of resources – past year school prelim papers, worksheets compiling highly challenging questions that were hand-picked by him, topical revision exercises, content notes if needed etc., which helped me improve on my poorer topics and sharpen my stronger ones. He was kind enough to lend me space in his centre to study from time to time when it was available so that I could study there and ask him questions whenever I needed to. He opened up slots for extra lessons near exam periods if we needed more revision and help from him to score well for the upcoming exam. In short, Teacher Terence is an effective tutor that produces results for his students and goes the extra mile to extend his help to them.


Fast forward to February 2023, I have scored a B for H2 Physics and achieved 80RP for my A Levels. I am considering Information Systems as a course of study for my university education.

Lanice (Dunman High School) - B for H2 Physics

Prior to joining Aspire Thinking, physics has always been a subject that I feared and struggled with in upper secondary. However, Teacher Terence’s guidance throughout the two years in JC enabled me to thoroughly enjoy physics and learn beyond what was in the textbooks. His patience and fun-loving personality also made me look forward to the Friday evening lessons at the end of every school week =) With the vast amount of physics resources and worksheets that Teacher Terence provided me, my confidence in doing physics grew leaps and bounds and eventually allowed me to score a B in A-levels!

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