Aspire Thinking Learning Centre provides Good Physics, Chemistry and Maths Tuition in Bishan

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JC H2 Physics Class on Sunday afternoon
JC H2 Physics Class on Friday
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O levels Physics

Most students would have problems in solving Kinematics, Dynamics, and Moments. Which is why we teach special techniques which includes visualisations and understanding the maths behind the concepts.

Science Museum Space Exploration

Good Physics Tuition in Bishan

Subjects include:
- Sec 2 Science
- O levels or IP Chemistry and
- O levels or IP Physics

complete with solutions and explanations.
Picture of Sec 2 Science sample worksheet
Picture of O levels Chemistry Singapore sample Worksheet
Picture of O levels Physics Singapore sample worksheet

Local Presence

Aspire Thinking have been in Bishan since 2018! Located near the Singapore Scouts Building, we have been teaching students from Kuo Chuan Presbyterian, Guang Yang, Beatty, De Yi, Raffles Institution, Catholic High, Eunoia Junior College and more!

Small Class Size

Our class size is capped at 5. This is to ensure that no student is left behind! This way, students  will get to learn relevant topics from their own syllabus.  Think of it as somewhat like a one to one tuition in a class setting     

Relevant Questions

We have worksheets for Normal Academic, Combined and Pure syllabus. Questions are curated to make sure that students will get to work on the level and standards required.                                   

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  Find out more from our good reviews on Google to learn why we provide the best  Physics, Chemistry and Maths classes in Bishan!

Testimonial from Brandon Chia, Guang Yang Secondary Bishan: "Terence had taught me chemistry and physics from sec 3-4, and science has been my forte and highest grade carrier since. Thanks to his clear, precise explanations and teaching styles that individually fit each student, many has seen their grades rise exponentially and be consistent ever since. Terence is the light to his students' dark tunnels. Terence also has been coaching me for 4 years, and results have been very beneficial that allowed me to get through many stages and problems in life, thus helping me learn and grow stronger mentally as a person. Never regretted stepping into the center, and always left with a smile on my face"
Testimonial from Kuvirakavin, Deyi Secondary Ang Mo Kio: "I take combined science, physics and chemistry. Joining aspire thinking has really helped me understand the subjects. Mr Terence is really patient in teaching and his lessons are engaging :>"
Testimonial from student, Liow Min Hui, Beatty Secondary Toa Payoh: "I come here for Chemistry and E Math tuition and the teachers are extremely friendly, laid back and welcoming. I enjoy coming to lessons very week. The lessons are easy to follow and the teachers teach in a way that I can understand the concepts quickly. "
Testimonial from Giselle, Dunman High "Mr Terence is a really approachable teacher who can cater to your learning needs!! He takes the time to ensure your fundamentals are strong, which really boosted my confidence in physics. His teaching style also made me more interested in physics which made learning it more enjoyable"
Snapshot of Google review of Aspire Thinking Learning Centre Bishan (Physics Chemistry Maths)