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Free Chemistry, Physics and Science Worksheets to Enhance Understanding of Concepts

Despite the COVID-19 Circuit Breaker, about 70% of our students scored 72% and above for their latest mock tests (mid year exams).

Why is it that even though we are communicating through electronic screens, knowledge can still be taught and understood efficiently?

One of our key success factors is that...


we work on the right questions.


In a low-stress and motivating environment, we work on questions that stimulates thinking. These questions are mostly challenging and it is ok for students to get them wrong. The reason behind is that we want to challenge the current understanding and push the limits to new horizons. And because the questions are challenging, students will think more.


Thus, in the exams, our students will get more questions right.



Want to know what are some of the challenging questions we go through in our lessons?


Here are 3 FREE worksheets (PDF files) that showcase a sample of the questions we do in class, COMPLETE with answer key that gives a glimpse into some of the discussions we have during the lesson. In a way, you get a sneak preview into how we conduct our lessons.

Try them and be amazed at how much you can learn from these questions. We wish you all the best in your learning journey.

Click on the pictures to download your FREE worksheets




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