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Essential Concepts for O Levels Physics - Electrostatics

How to master the concepts of O Levels Physics Electrostatics? The first step would be to be aware and understand the essential concepts:

  1. Symbol Q, SI Unit - C for Coulomb

  2. Law of electrostatics - like charges repel, unlike charges attract

  3. 2 Methods of charging

    1. Charging by friction - transfer of electrons from one insulator to another

    2. Charging by Induction - only for metals. 4 steps process:

      1. Step 1: Place charged insulator near metal but not touching

      2. Step 2: Connect Earth wire

      3. Step 3: Remove Earth Wire

      4. Step 4: Remove insulator

  4. Applications of electrostatics - Electrostatic Spray Painting, Electrostatic Precipitator, Printers

  5. Dangers of Electrostatics - Electric shock, static sparks triggering fires or explosions, Lightning

  6. Handy formula to have - Q = IT and W=QV where Q stands for magnitude of charge in Coulombs, I stands for current in Amperes, T for time in seconds and W for work done in joules, V for potential difference or electromotive force in Volts

End notes

O Levels Physics Electrostatics is one of the easier topics to study. I would recommend completing all the Ten Year Series questions before sitting for any WA or major examinations.

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