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Physics Tuition in Singapore, Bishan - by Physics Tutor Terence Pang

Why students are having issues learning Physics

Have you been struggling with Physics in school? Do the exam questions seem different from what you learned during class? Are you getting wrong answers even though you thought you had the right answer?

Here are top 3 reasons that could help to explain why:

1. You memorise the solutions and thought you could apply the very same answers to all the other questions universally. While you may have gotten away with this in lower secondary, Physics at Sec 3 and above involves an entirely different strategy. You will need to understand the question first before knowing what to apply. This could mean drawing out or making notes at the side to determine the relevant formulae and concepts to apply.

2. Concepts taught during lesson time in school usually focus on the introduction and building the fundamentals while exams questions focus on how to apply what you learned. So there is a gap between the fundamentals and the applications and it is this gap that could be causing you to be stuck during a physics exam. For example, one can learn what is the definition of acceleration, which is the rate of change of velocity but how would you be able to use it when looking at velocity-time graphs where the gradient of the line is constant, increasing or decreasing?

3. The teacher is too boring with a monotonous voice or is using complicated terms to explain the concepts. As a result, you get lost during the learning and just give up somewhere along the way.

Why is Physics Tuition important?

A good Physics Tutor should be able to provide the following:

1. Direct answer to your questions - Ask what you need to know and you should have the answer.

2. Essential concepts and commonly asked questions - so that you will know exactly what to prepare for.

3. Explain complicated concepts using simple terms and draw analogy to items found in daily life.

4. Spot your weaknesses such as careless mistakes or areas where you lack in understanding so that you will know what to correct.

5. Plan together with you a schedule on what to revise or study before the exam or test.

In short, a good Physics Tutor is like a mentor. With a mentor, your pace in learning will be greatly accelerated. This would mean lesser time needed to do your homework and better grades for your tests and exams.

Physics Tuition at Aspire Thinking

Located at Bishan, we are listed as one of the top Physics Tuition centres in Singapore based on and


What makes us one of the best?

1. With a Degree in Engineering (Mechanical, 1st class Honors) from the National University of Singapore, Mr Terence is able to bring his engineering experience into class by using real-life industrial applications to explain complicated concepts. Our Physics students find the subject easier to relate to and more interesting to learn.

2. Having started teaching in 2014, Mr. Terence is extremely familiar with the Normal Academic (NA) Levels, O levels, IP and IB Physics syllabus. He is able to point out commonly spotted questions and important concepts so that students know exactly what to study for.

For information on the Normal Academic (NA) Levels Physics syllabus, click here.

For information on the Physics O levels syllabus, click here.

For more information on the Physics IB syllabus, click here

For more information on Physics A Levels syllabus, click here

3. Our lessons are personalised - lesson plans are configured to cater to what the students are learning in school so that you will always learn what you are supposed to learn. This also means that students will get to learn topics based on their current level. For example, NA students will only learn NA topics and nothing more. They will not be taught O levels topics. Unless they specifically ask to learn more, then we are more than happy to oblige :)

4. Our worksheets are catered for all levels - Just as our lessons are personalised, our worksheets are also personalised according to the student's current learning ability and level. Higher level worksheets are given to students who feel they can take the challenge whereas starting level worksheets are given to students who feel they could use more work on their foundation.

5. We help with homework questions - if you need help with it, text us the question or bring it down on your next lesson. We are here to help with any physics homework! (Disclaimer, we do not help you do the homework, we will only provide the relevant concept and understanding)

6. About 94% of our students found Physics easier to understand after just a month! They also spend lesser time doing their homework which gives them more time for other important things in their lives! This makes them happier and more confident not just in Physics but also in life.


of our students spend lesser time doing their physics homework


Average score of our students based on EOY grades


of our students feel more relaxed and enjoy the studying

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