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Year 2 H2 A levels Physics (Sunday 2pm) - February Lesson Updates

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Illustration of Electric Current
Illustration of Electric Current

As we approach the end of February, the class has completed the following A Levels H2 Physics topics:

  1. Superposition

  2. Electric Field (with revision of Gravitational Field)

  3. Current of Electricity

  4. Electromagnetism

A few points to take note if you wish to do better in A Levels H2 Physics:

  1. It is important to have a good grasp on the Principles of Superposition as this will be very useful when studying quantum physics

  2. There are many similarities (and differences) between Electric field and Gravitational Field, make sure you revise the latter so as not to get confused between the concepts

  3. Electric Field also involves kinematics so do refresh the relevant newtonian equations of motions

  4. Electromagnetism different formulae to calculate magnetic flux density (current in a straight wire, current in a circular coil and current in solenoid). Do take your time to read through them and understand the different contexts.

  5. A good understanding of vector cross product would also be useful when applying Fleming's Right Hand Rule

We will be moving towards:

1. Electromagnetic Induction - studying Faraday's law and Lenz's Law and knowing which of them to use when solving problems. A good understanding of calculus (differentiation) would come very useful here.

2. Alternating current - Closely related to electromagnetic induction. In this topic, we will look at mean and root square of variables such as current and potential difference. A good understanding of calculus would be useful here as well.

If you wish to join us on Sunday 2pm, contact us at 8749 8157


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