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Sec 4 O levels Physics (Friday 5pm) - February Lesson Updates

Picture of a thermometer related to O Levels Physics
Picture of a thermometer related to O Levels Physics

As we approach the end of February, the class has completed the following O Levels Physics topics:

  1. Pressure

  2. Kinetic Model

  3. Thermal Transfer

  4. Thermometer

  5. Thermal Properties of Matter

A few points to take note if you wish to do better in O Levels Physics:

  1. Pressure and Kinetic Model are closely related - by examining brownian motion (which is the constant motion of fluid particles), it is possible to explain how a gas can create pressure in close container

  2. The graphical representation of Boyle's law is important as it is a common O levels or Prelim exam question

  3. Always convert your units properly when calculating heat capacity or latent heat

We will be moving towards:

1. Electrostatics - studying the laws of electrostatics, how insulators and conductors are charged, and the applications and hazards of electrostatics

2. Current of Electricity - relevant formulae such as Q = IT, W=QV, resistors rule, current law will be studied in greater details. Lots of circuits will be used.

There will also be a mock test around the corner as a conclusion to the term. With a mock test, there will be also revision to the topics we have covered.

If you wish to join us on Friday 7pm, contact us at 8749 8157


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