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Is it possible to learn the entire O Levels Physics Syllabus during the December Holidays?

There are 22 topics in the O levels Physics Syllabus. Assuming an average of 5 hrs is needed to teach and effectively learn how to apply the concepts for each topics, we are looking at 110 hrs of lessons.

That would mean about 5.5 hrs of tuition a day, 5 days a week for 4 weeks. That would be somewhat like going to school during the holidays.

Has this ever been done?

Yes, for only 1 student. Back then, he had to go overseas for a year and he didn't want to miss school. So I spent the Dec holidays teaching him the entire O Levels Physics Syllabus. We met up a yr and a half later to prepare for his O levels and he scored an A2. Pretty decent considering he could recall concepts learned from a year ago.

Should this crazy idea be ever considered?

Probably not. Dec holidays are for resting and catching up on your areas of weakness. However, you could consider learning Sec3 or Sec 4 topics ahead so that you would have an easier time doing your homework when school starts.

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