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O Level Physics Tuition

O Level Physics can be difficult, and it is important to have access to the right guidance and support to achieve a good grade. If you are one of the O level students struggling to keep up with your peers in learning O Level Physics, have low grades or want a better chance of success in the examinations, then O Level Physics tuition may just be what you need.

A good O Level Physics tuition provides students with the necessary skills and techniques to understand challenging concepts fast, easily solve complex equations, and apply theoretical principles in practical contexts. It also helps to develop the confidence and motivation needed to stay ahead of the curve, enabling students to achieve their full potential in O Level Physics.

By attending regular tuition sessions with experienced physics tutors, students can improve their understanding of core principles, build a strong foundation to support further learning, and gain valuable tips on approaching exam questions effectively.


Why are students having issues learning Physics?

Physics is a fascinating subject that covers a wide range of topics, from exploring the basic building blocks of matter to understanding the forces and laws governing our universe. It allows students to gain a deeper understanding of how the world works.


O Level Physics is one of the most challenging subjects that students face. Many O Level Physics topics are abstract, requiring a basic understanding of mathematics and calculus. In addition, O Level Physics topics are often taught at a rapid pace due to limited curriculum time, and there is a fair bit of memorisation involved. Here are three top reasons why you are having trouble learning physics.

Wrong Memorisation Technique

Many students tend to memorise physics equations and facts without understanding the underlying physics concepts. This thought of generally applying the memorised solutions to other questions universally (aka the ‘copy and paste’ method) only applies to lower secondary. For upper secondary levels, you have to understand what the question is about first in order to determine the right formulae or concept to use. Think of each Physics question as a house – houses come in different shapes and sizes even though its bricks (the concepts and formulae) may be the same.

Gap Between Fundamentals and Applications

While many students can understand the equation and concepts taught in school, they struggle to apply them to real-world scenarios. For example, a student may understand the equations and principles behind forces and dynamics but they may be clueless about how pulleys and springs work, thus explaining why they often stumble when answering questions involving them. This gap is particularly challenging for students in an introductory physics course who have just started learning the material. Without prior knowledge of how to apply what they've learned, students can struggle to understand the real-world implications.

Different Approach to Learning

Students learn O levels Physics differently and thus they may require a different teaching method. This can be a problem in cases where teachers cannot adjust their pedagogy or presentation style (since there isn't one that suits all 30 to 40 students in a class), which then makes the material much more difficult to comprehend. For example, some students prefer relating what they learn to everyday object in the form similes and will become confused and frustrated if they are unable to do so. As a result, they are unable to connect the dots between concepts and apply them in meaningful ways.

Why is O Level Physics Tuition Important?

A good Physics Tutor should be able to provide the following:

  • A direct answer to your questions - Ask what you need to know, and you should have the answer.

  • Essential concepts and commonly asked questions - so you will know exactly what to prepare for.

  • Explain complicated concepts using simple terms and draw an analogy to items found in daily life.

  • Spot your weaknesses, such as careless mistakes or areas where you lack understanding, so you will know what to correct.

  • Plan together with you a schedule on what to revise or study before the exam or test.


In short, a good Physics Tutor is like a mentor. With a mentor, you'll have an accelerated pace of learning. It would mean less time to do your homework and better grades for your tests and exams.

O Level Physics Tuition at Aspire Thinking

O Level Physics tuition for Sec 3 and Sec 4 classes helps students understand and master physics concepts. It is typically offered as an after-school or weekend program by experienced tutors who can provide personalised guidance to the student. O level or IP Physics tuition at Aspire Thinking has methods and knowledge to help you achieve an ace in O level examinations.

Aspire Thinking O levels Physics tuition in Singapore provides classes for mastering physics. We provide learning materials and engaging lessons with real-world application questions to make them of interest so students can easily relate to what they are learning. Questions in worksheets are modeled after top school exam papers to prepare them for their O level examinations as they know.

With the small size of physics tuition classes, students are encouraged to ask questions freely to have a grasp to understand of physics. Our approach strategies in physics tuition allow students to be independent in problem-solving skills, and our cognitive coaching help students manage issues to remain optimal when in a stressful situation.

You can check Aspire Thinking tuition centre class schedule here.

What You Will Learn

As part of the O Level Physics syllabus, the physics tuition classes will discuss solving Kinematics, Dynamics, and Moments to help you gain mastery. Other than O Level Physics tuition lessons, Aspire Thinking also provides worksheets customised to students' level of proficiency and relevance to the school's lesson plan. Physics concepts use real case scenarios in teaching so students can relate and avoid careless mistakes. They also teach unique methods of remembering formulae and definitions by applying basic Neuro-linguistic Programming, goal-setting and schedule planning to help students prepare for major exams.

Who Do We Cater?

O Level Physics tuition can benefit students of all ages and educational backgrounds who are studying physics at the O level. It is especially useful for those who are struggling with the subject or have difficulty understanding it and those who need extra help to excel in the topic. Even if a student is doing well in their studies, tuition can help them better understand complex concepts and strengthen their knowledge.

Additionally, O Level Physics tuition provides a safe space for students to ask questions and make mistakes to learn more effectively. If you have a weakness in O Level Physics but are willing to improve, we are extremely patient in teaching lessons.

What makes us one of the best?

1. With a Degree in Engineering (Mechanical, 1st class Honors) from the National University of Singapore, Mr Terence can bring his engineering experience into class by using real-life industrial applications to explain complicated concepts. Our Physics students find the subject easier to relate to and more interesting to learn.


2. Having started teaching in 2014, Mr Terence is extremely familiar with the Normal Academic (NA) Levels, O levels, IP and IB Physics syllabus. He is able to point out commonly spotted questions and important concepts so that students know exactly what to study for.


For information on the Normal Academic (NA) Levels Physics syllabus, click here.

For information on the Physics O levels syllabus, click here.

For more information on the Physics IB syllabus, click here

For more information on the Physics A Levels syllabus, click here


3. Our lessons are personalised - configured lesson plans cater to what the students are learning in school so that you will always learn what you are supposed to learn. It also means that students will get to learn topics based on their current level. For example, NA students will only learn NA topics and nothing more. They will not be taught O levels topics. Unless they specifically ask to learn more, then we are more than happy to oblige :)


4. Our worksheets cater for all levels - Just as our lessons are personalised, our personalised worksheets are according to the student's current learning ability and level. Higher-level worksheets are for students who feel they can take the challenge, whereas starting-level worksheets are for students who feel they could use more work on their foundation.


5. We help with homework questions - if you need help, text us the question or bring it down in your next lesson. We are here to help with any physics homework!


(Disclaimer, we do not help you do the homework, we will only provide the relevant concept and understanding)


6. About 94% of our students found Physics easier to understand after just a month! They also spend less time doing their homework, giving them more time for other important things in their lives! It makes them happier and more confident, not just in Physics but also in life.

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of our students spend lesser time doing their physics homework


Average score of our students based on EOY grades


of our students feel more relaxed and enjoy the studying

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